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Very good A clear, concise and intelligent re examination of the trials for the Manson murders Written by an objective legal mind this book clears up some previous uncertainties and offers an objective re evaluation of motive It also clearly de bunks myths that have grown up about this case since 1969. Interesting legalistic perspective on the trials. Great Intresting approch to the case. [ EPUB ] ⚆ In A Summer Swelter: The Charles Manson Murders ♷ Simon Davis is the first truly independent trial lawyer to write about the notorious Manson Family murder spree ofThe murders were some of the wildest and most vicious in the annals of crime set against the backdrop of a hazy hippie summer in which flowers and music would fill the air at Woodstock just days after the Tate LaBianca murdersBy analysing the trials, Davis ties up the loose ends of the story, debunks the myths and also reveals the shocking conspiracy hatched by Manson that almost certainly resulted in his three female co defendants not receiving fair trialsNew perspectives are added to the enduring mystery of how young people from average middle class suburban homes, apparently undisposed to criminality, committed such savage murdersFor crime readers, social historians, lawyers and students of legal and criminal history, Davis book is the authoritative new account of the Manson Family murders and trials Nothing groundbreaking here, mostly just a re hash of the Helter Skelter book by Vincent Bugliosi If you ve read Helter Skelter save your money. This was an easy read Well researched and written with new insights into the testimony and trials of each involved murdererer The author did a fantastic job conveying his research into easy to understand language for the everyday reader With each chapter, I had new food for thought I am always amazed at the many unanswered questions that the murderers and the initial investigating team left dangling for us to ponder over for almost fifty years Things are beginning to come into clearer focus now with all the great nuggets this author shares I highly recommend to anyone interested in the bizarre murders that occurred in August 1969. I have read a lot of Manson books and enjoyed just about every one, but this one was just bad To me this author has not done his research on the Manson case and I feel like he just got everything wrong. Good book.