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{E-pub} ½ The Complete Guide To Chinese Medicine Bloodletting ë Bloodletting has long been known as perhaps the most powerful practice in Chinese medicine the great Master Tung bled some% of his patients, including his toughest cases The first book of its kind, The Complete Guide to Chinese Medicine Bloodletting contains all the detailed information you need to safely and effectively perform bloodletting in your clinic The updated procedures and instruments described in the book transform bloodletting from a major undertaking to be used only in the most dire cases to a simple procedure that can be safely and easily done every day In this book you will learn Where and how to bleed for each indication, including which conditions respond best How to safely perform bloodletting on patients taking blood thinners, diabetic patients, older patients, and others with risk factors and when to avoid it altogether Detailed information about instruments and supplies needed Detailed instructions on how to bleed each area of the body How to talk to patients about bloodletting Picture gallery of veins to bleed and veins to avoid Guidelines and techniques phlebotomists use to safely perform blood draws on even the sickest patients, along with possible pitfalls and how to avoid them Details of the bloodletting system of Master Tung Ching Chang by many accounts the greatest acupuncturist of modern times who relied on bloodletting to effectively treat even the most stubborn conditions