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#Read Book ⚡ Asset Management Excellence: Optimizing Equipment Life-Cycle Decisions, Second Edition ⚢ During the eight years since the publication of Maintenance Excellence Optimizing Equipment Life Cycle Decisions the business environment has changed drastically Globalization, consolidation, and changes in technology challenge asset management and maintenance professionals to beefficient Globalization and consolidation have been particularly instrumental in the changes in maintenance standards, approaches, and the use of technology to becomeefficient and cost effective Reflecting all this and , the second edition has been renamed Asset Management Excellence Optimizing Equipment Life Cycle Decisions New in the Second Edition Two new chapters on Maintenance Management Fundamentals Coverage of leadership issues, the implementation of new processes, and change management Discussion of the design stage and key factors for successful implementation Understanding the dynamic influences and optimization ofspares management Updated case studies Introduction to new software packages that optimize a variety of maintenance and replacement decisions Although there have been patterns and trends that have emerged around the world in asset management, the root principles are the same personnel with tools go out to address the needs of maintaining assets However, many of the tools, technologies, and thought processes have evolved and matured to allow a rethinking of the deeper maintenance processes For this edition, a new set of authors and contributors have revisited the content, updated information, and added new content based on the passage of time, changes in thinking, and the introduction and improvement in technologiesEditors John D Campbell was one of a very few individuals in Canada who put Canadian expertise in physical asset management on the world map He authored the widely used book Uptime Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management, which was published inand by earlyhad sold over , copies He coauthored Planning and Control of Maintenance Systems Modelling and Analysis and coedited Maintenance Excellence In addition to being an author and leading thinker in maintenance management, Mr Campbell was a sought after public speaker, appearing once on television in the United States He was a recognized subject matter expert and advisor in maintenance management to several of the world s most widely recognized organizations ranging from Disneyland to NASA, or Mickey Mouse to Rocket Science, as he used to joke He developed a very strong and internationally recognized maintenance management consulting practice in Canada, consisting of aboutconsultants In recognition of that capability and expertise, PricewaterhouseCoopers appointed Mr Campbell as its Global Leader for the PwC Physical Asset Management practice, consisting of aboutconsultants worldwide With his sponsorship and support, the University of Toronto s Physical Asset Management certificate program was born inand continues to this day, franchised for delivery worldwideMr Campbell was an incredibly busy person, but always made time to promote excellence in plant engineering and maintenance activities through his participation in numerous related voluntary events He received, posthumously in , the Sergio Guy Memorial Award from the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the maintenance professionIn , Mr Campbell began discussions with his practice director about potential updates to Uptime Although he soon began a long battle with cancer, he helped put in place the thinking and necessary encouragement for that nd edition to be written and published John passed away in November , but his work continued The nd edition of Uptime was published inHis colleagues from PwC formed both a perpetual scholarship and award at the University of Toronto for leading students in the university s maintenance management course Through those awards, Mr Campbell continues to contribute to both excellence in asset management and support to students in needAndrew KS Jardine is director of the Centre for Maintenance Optimization and Reliability Engineering C MORE at the University of Toronto, where the focus is on real world research in engineering asset management in the areas of conditionbased maintenance, spares management, protective devices, maintenance and repair contracts, and failure finding intervals for protective devices Details can be found at Dr Jardine is also Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of TorontoDr Jardine wrote Maintenance, Replacement, and Reliability, first published inand now in its sixth printing He is coeditor with JD Campbell of thebook Maintenance Excellence Optimizing Equipment Life Cycle Decisions His most recent book Maintenance, Replacement and Reliablity Theory and Applications, co authored with Dr AHC Tsang, was published by CRC Press inBesides writing, researching and teaching, Dr Jardine has, for years, been in high demand as an independent consultant to corporations and governments the world over in matters related to the optimum use of their physical assets Dr Jardine has garnered an impressive array of awards, honors, and tributes He was the Eminent Speaker to the Maintenance Engineering Society of Australia, as well as the first recipient of the Sergio Guy Memorial Award from the Plan Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the maintenance profession In , Dr Jardine receivd the Award for the Best Paper, which was preseneted in the category of Academic Developments and sponsored by the Salvetti Foundation, at the bi annual conference of the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies, in Brussels He is listed in the Canadian Who s WhoJoel McGlynn is an IBM vice president and the enterprise asset management global leader for IBM Business Consulting Services within IBM Global Services He is responsible for creating IBM s asset management practice inand now manages over , consultants on many different asset management engagements He has built IBM s asset management practice into the largest focused asset management consultancies in the world He has accomplished this by creating an asset management framework and a holistic approach to managing assets that allows organizations to better optimize and align their asset investment to support their mission and strategy He focuses on managing assets using a portfolio view across the asset s total life cycle, including strategy and planning, evaluation and design, acquisition or building, operation maintenance, modification, and disposition He also categorizes asset classes based on similar management attributes such as financial, real property, personal property, fleet, infrastructure, and continuous or linear assets In recent years Mr McGlynn recognized the emergence of smarter assets and the convergence of operational and IT asset classes He is now heavily involved with IBM s smarter initiatives including IBM s Smart Buildings, Advanced Water Management and the Intelligent Utility Network offerings He has overyears of experience in assisting clients to improve maintenance and manufacturing operations, inventory management, supply chain management, and procurement processes Mr McGlynn also assists clients in designing and implementing technology solutions to support these processes Mr McGlynn has emerged as one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of asset management He is certified in APICS and both CPIM and CIRM