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|READ PDF ☢ Thin-Film Optical Filters, Fourth Edition ⚇ Written by a world renowned authority of optical coatings, Thin Film Optical Filters, Fourth Edition presents an introduction to thin film optical filters for both manufacturers and users The preeminent author covers an assortment of design, manufacture, performance, and application topics He also includes enough of the basic mathematics of optical thin films to enable readers to carry out thin film calculations This new edition of a bestseller retains most of the descriptions of older design techniques because of their importance in understanding how designs work However, this edition includes a substantial amount of new material as well A new chapter on color takes into account the increasing importance of color in optical coatings In addition, a new section discusses the effects of gain in optical coatings This comprehensive yet accessible book continues to offer valuable insight into the principles, techniques, and processes of successful coating design It provides the sound foundation required to make further advances in the fieldH Angus Macleod is President of the Thin Film Center Inc in Tucson, Arizona, and Professor Emeritus of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona