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.Free ⚉ Taming Riki: Vol. I, Part 3 ⚖ Volume I, PartAll Lord Mink s attempts to tame his pet, the notorious Riki the Dark, have failed The rebellious mongrel has run away Where will he go And will Iason find him Find out what happens next in the final book of Best Selling Author Kira Takenouchi s Volume I trilogy, Taming Riki Note from the Publisher This book is available in print for your convenience, but is also available for free viewing at Patreon Thank you to Rachel Livingston of DMP for permission to publish Taming Riki Ai no Kusabi remains the copyright of DMP and Rieko YoshiharaKira Takenouchi is the Best Selling author of the popular Taming Riki series, an online saga that is now available in print In addition, her titles include Moon Over Atlantis, Harem Boy, In the Headmaster s Chambers, The Boy from Braxton Creek, Barbarian s Slave, The Punishment of Shiiki, The Crimson Scythe, Tristan s Reform, Once A Chieftain, Geisha Doll, Eternal Bondage, and I, Incubus