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`Read Ebook ⚫ COMProgramming with Visual Basic: Developing COMServers with COM, COM , and .NET Ä The importance of a book like COM Programming with Visual Basic lies in the fact that the Visual Basic programming environment is designed to hide as many low level system details as possible While this approach can speed development time by letting you focus on the task at hand, it actually hinders the process when it obscures details you need to understand or control Such is often the case for programmers who are developing components that take advantage of COM services COM Programming with Visual Basic takes aim squarely at the information needs of these developersFor instance, despite the marketing hype about COM as the new and improved version of COM, classic COM is very much the foundation on which COM is built COM components are a particular kind of COM component Visual Basic hides almost all COM implementation details yet it is precisely in the area of COM programming that these hidden details are most important Therefore, we ve devoted significant content to exploring COM internals Interface based programmingHow COM interfaces work internallyHow COM components are activatedHow versioning COM components works in Visual BasicThe second section focuses on incorporating individual COM services, like transaction support, security, and asynchronous operations, into applications The author concludes by discussing what you need to learn to transition to Microsoft s coming frameworkRegardless of what lies ahead for, many distributed systems are being built today with COM COM Programming with Visual Basic focuses on topics relevant to distributed applications that are here to stay How to use interfacesPassing objects by reference or by valueWhat it means to have multithreaded applicationsHow declarative programming worksHow to program within a distributed transactionHow to add role based security to applicationsThere s simply no other documentation available for much of what s in COM Programming with Visual Basic It s destined to be the resource behind the most robust, efficient, high performance COM applications