[ BOOK ] ♳ Deep Learning for Computer Vision: Expert techniques to train advanced neural networks using TensorFlow and Keras ⚖ MOBI eBook or Kindle ePUB free

[ BOOK ] ♖ Deep Learning for Computer Vision: Expert techniques to train advanced neural networks using TensorFlow and Keras ♄ Learn how to model and train advanced neural networks to implement a variety of Computer Vision tasksKey FeaturesTrain different kinds of deep learning model from scratch to solve specific problems in Computer VisionCombine the power of Python, Keras, and TensorFlow to build deep learning models for object detection, image classification, similarity learning, image captioning, and Includes tips on optimizing and improving the performance of your models under various constraintsBook DescriptionDeep learning has shown its power in several application areas of Artificial Intelligence, especially in Computer Vision Computer Vision is the science of understanding and manipulating images, and finds enormous applications in the areas of robotics, automation, and so on This book will also show you, with practical examples, how to develop Computer Vision applications by leveraging the power of deep learning In this book, you will learn different techniques related to object classification, object detection, image segmentation, captioning, image generation, face analysis, andYou will also explore their applications using popular Python libraries such as TensorFlow and Keras This book will help you master state of the art, deep learning algorithms and their implementationWhat you will learnSet up an environment for deep learning with Python, TensorFlow, and KerasDefine and train a model for image and video classificationUse features from a pre trained Convolutional Neural Network model for image retrievalUnderstand and implement object detection using the real world Pedestrian Detection scenarioLearn about various problems in image captioning and how to overcome them by training images and text togetherImplement similarity matching and train a model for face recognitionUnderstand the concept of generative models and use them for image generationDeploy your deep learning models and optimize them for high performanceWho This Book Is ForThis book is targeted at data scientists and Computer Vision practitioners who wish to apply the concepts of Deep Learning to overcome any problem related to Computer Vision A basic knowledge of programming in Python and some understanding of machine learning concepts is required to get the best out of this bookTable of ContentsIntroduction to Deep LearningImage ClassificationImage RetrievalObject DetectionSemantic SegmentationSimilarity LearningGenerative ModelsImage CaptioningVideo ClassificationDeploymentRajalingappaa Shanmugamani is currently working as a Deep Learning Lead at SAP, Singapore Previously, he has worked and consulted at various startups for developing computer vision products He has a Masters from Indian Institute of Technology Madras where his thesis was based on applications of computer vision in the manufacturing industry He has published articles in peer reviewed journals and conferences and applied for few patents in the area of machine learning In his spare time, he coaches programming and machine learning to school students and engineers