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Rabinowitz offers an exhaustive look at dozens of novels from the Depression era written by women who were often dismissed in their time and after because of subject matter One of her main arguments is that domesticity and maternity are a part of the working class culture, and when they are displayed and or discussed in literature, they should not be considered marginal. &Free Ebook ⇮ Labor & Desire: Women's Revolutionary Fiction in Depression America ✐ This critical, historical, and theoretical study looks at a little known group of novels written during the s by women who were literary radicals Arguing that class consciousness was figured through metaphors of gender, Paula Rabinowitz challenges the conventional wisdom that feminism as a discourse disappeared during the decade She focuses on the ways in which sexuality and maternity reconstruct the classic proletarian novel to speak about both the working class woman and the radical female intellectualTwo well known novels bracket this study Agnes Smedley s Daughters of Earthand Mary McCarthy s The Company She KeepsIn all, Rabinowitz surveys than forty novels of the period, many largely forgotten Discussing these novels in the contexts of literary radicalism and of women s literary tradition, she reads them as both cultural history and cultural theory Through a consideration of the novels as a genre, Rabinowitz is able to theorize about the interrelationship of class and gender in American cultureRabinowitz shows that these novels, generally dismissed as marginal by scholars of the literary and political cultures of the s, are in fact integral to the study of American fiction produced during the decade Relying on recent feminist scholarship, she reformulates the history of literary radicalism to demonstrate the significance of these women writers and to provide a deeper understanding of their work for twentieth century American cultural studies in general