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Here is three great short stories about Santa and how far he will go to get each one of his children married so that he can finally have grandkids All three of his kids are resistant to the idea of marriage and babies but Santa isn t above a little meddling for there own good. (((FREE EBOOK))) ☟ North Pole Magic ↚ ris Kringle wants his kids married and he wants grandchildren He is willing to interfere however necessary in his grown children s lives until he gets his way The first story, All He Wants for Christmas, focuses on Santa s daughter, Merry Kris decides to play matchmaker between Merry and a cowboy, Nick Holiday, who had strayed away from celebrating Christmas Merry has driven her father crazy long enough Kris believes it s time for another man to love and tame her wild ways He gives her the task of working as Nick s cook at his ranch and bringing him back to Christmas, healing his emotional woundsor else be assigned the unpleasant, permanent role of manager of the Toy Factory The second story, Santa s Surprise, focuses on Santa s oldest son, Nicholas Kris decides it s time to retire as Santa and pass the role onto Nicholas, who also needs to get married and work on the grandchildren Kris wants Nick has never wanted to take over the Santa role and steers clear of anything Santa related, going so far as to move to Kauai and run a tourist business there Misty Mistletoe McGuire, a sexy little Hawaiian who collects Santa figurines and runs a Christmas shop, comes into his life and suddenly his world is changing His dad is persistent He is resistant And Misty is caught in the middle of it all The final story, His Only Wish, Santa focuses on his youngest son, Pere Noel Kris unhappily discovers that Pere has been lying to him While visiting one day with his old friend, Pere Fouettard, the two fathers discover that their children have been married for almost seven years Pere Kringle now going by Perry Ingle agreed to a marriage of convenience with Nikki Fouettard now going by Nikki Ambrose to keep both of their families from harassing them into getting married, when neither were ready to settle down Now they must face their families, face the identity lies both have told, and discover the real reason neither have filed for an annulment