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It had the potential to be great, but it was annoying when they described typical parenting or instruction from the teacher as telling the kid off, then the kid would tell off the kid or parents That s not something I want my daughter to start doing, so I m not a fan of this book The phrase Tell them off doesn t translate very well across the Atlantic. I would really like this book except for the telling off of parents and teachers and children I can t get passed that phrase It is WAY too rude to use in storytime. A story of a boy with a very active imagination who finds himself being a lot of different things throughout the day a monster, a hippo, a robot, etc A little boy and his overactive imagination have quite the day I m not a fan of the part where the teacher Tells him off and he tells her off back But, if I can figure out how to reword that in a mannerappropriate to story time, I will use it as part of our Letter I day and talk about imaginations. Little boys with overactive imaginations It s been done before Yet I found myself chuckling at this one as the little boy goes through quite the array of transformations The over the top illustrations add to the fun It will be fun to revisit the Hippopotamus when my wee one is a bit older. A cute read with the little ones There were a few chuckles, and the rambunctious, lively protagonist is a bit like them and loves to pretend Great illustrations This wasn t one of the most memorable that we ve brought home from the library lately, but it s still sweet. Good ryhme Great use of repetition great story introducing hormones and feelings Good at talking about how you change over time. (EBOOK) Î When I Woke Up I Was a Hippopotamus Ø When I woke up I was a hippopotamusYawning in the morning, I raised up my sleepy head,Then took one look out of the windowand got straight back into bed A small boy s fantasies about being different creatures get him into all sorts of mischief This is a modern fantasy book appropriate for grades K 2 When I first started to read this book I was very confused The book doesn t make much sense until the end but it was a little humorous and fun to read.