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~Free Epub ⚔ Capitalism or Worker Control? ♡ Dr Schweickart s primary areas of research are social political philosophy, philosophy, economics Marxism He also has major interests in feminist theory, existentialism, critical theory, race racism He s published extensively on these topics His work has been translated into Spanish, Catalan, French Chinese His book publications include After Capitalism Rowman Littlefield,with a Chinese translation forthcoming by the Social Science Documentation Publ House, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing Market Socialism The Debate Among Socialists Routledge,, coauthored with B Ollman, J Lawler H Ticktin, with a Chinese translation inby Xinhua Publ House Against Capitalism Cambridge Univ Press Westview Press,, with a Spanish translation Mas alla del capitalismo, in , with a Chinese translation inby Renmin Univ Press in Beijing Capitalism or Worker Control An Ethical Economic Appraisal Praeger,