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@FREE DOWNLOAD ô The Gorean Club Ø Who says you can t mix BDSM with the Gorean philosophy Best selling author Jack Norman brings you a cracking new BDSM story about a Gorean lifestyle group dedicated to living the concepts of the Gor Chronicles, that well known series of sci fi fantasy books written by John Norman no connection to Jack This story is a packed with hard BDSM action interwoven by the Gorean lifestyle philosophy, and it includes numerous explicit sex and bondage scenesCheryl Hardisty, a drop dead gorgeousyear old graduate, is recruited into a dream job in the private team of a powerful global finance executive However, unbeknown to Cheryl, Sir Andrew Lowndes is also a luminary of The Gorean Club in London, where beautiful and willing kajirae slave girls serve the whims and pleasures of Free Gorean lifestylers Thus begins the gradual transformation of Cheryl into the Gorean kajira known as Five fifty five She is a lusty young woman who has dabbled in BDSM, and is secretly targeted for procurement as a potential lifestyle kajira Even before Sir Andrew recruits Cheryl to his special team, he introduces her to the mysteries of sub space, awakening a new passion that can never be extinguished Cheryl is offered an excellent salary and an interesting job, and she quickly becomes Sir s favoured private pet, readily engaging in his torrid bondage and punishment scenes with ever increasing excitement However, when Sir introduces her to the unrestricted demands of The Gorean Club, she is appalled by her own debauched behaviour, especially when ordered to please a visiting Columbian sex trafficker, who then shows a frightening interest in owning her Despite her excitement and fascination, Cheryl is initially repelled by what she sees as glorified prostitution She resists and decides to quit However, she is confronted with her deeply submissive nature and newly emerging dark desires Eventually, Cheryl is drawn back into Sir Andrew s private team, and she is given a crash course in Gorean etiquette using Second Life, the virtual gaming platformCheryl is gradually enticed into the lifestyle as an abject Gorean pleasure slave, not for money but to pursue her obsession with exploring sub space Despite another encounter with the persistent Columbian who is intent on seizing her, Cheryl Hardisty surrenders her worldly wealth and enters the slave kennels of the Gorean Club, and she ultimately becomes the branded lifestyle kajirae known simply as Five fifty five