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@Download Epub ⚣ Regulated for Murder æ You can’t judge a man by the color of his coatFor ten years, an execution hid murder Then Michael Stoddard came to townIf you like Diana Gabaldon, Bernard Cornwell, or Jim Butcher, then you'll love this actionpacked, rollickinggood murder mysteryBearing a dispatch from his commander in coastal Wilmington, North Carolina, redcoat Lieutenant Michael Stoddard arrives in Hillsborough in Februaryin civilian garb He expects to hand a letter to a courier working for Lord Cornwallis, then ride back to Wilmington the next day Instead, he's greeted by the courier's freshly murdered corpse, a chilling trail of clues leading back to an execution ten years earlier, and a sheriff with a fondness for framing innocents—and plans to deliver Michael up to his nemesis, a psychopathic British officer “This is mystery writing at its best”—Great Historicals Buy Regulated for Murder, bookin the Michael Stoddard American Revolution Mystery series and a Suspense Magazine “Best of ” read, and leap into adventure, intrigue, and peril! Regulated for Murder is historical murder mystery set in colonial North Carolina towards the end of the American Revolution This whodunit has plenty of suspense, a thrillingly complicated plot, and a wonderful, flawed, but brilliant hero!Lieutenant Michael Stoddard has been ordered to carry a message to Lord Cornwallis through a contact named Ezra Griggs murdered But when he arrives at Ezra’s cabin, Michael discovers the man’s brutal murder Even worse, he soon finds himself as a suspect in the victim’s murder Evenincredible, he is forced by local authorities to investigate the murder With plenty of suspects, and the fact that Michael must keep his identity as a member of the British army a secret lest he be executed for spying, the pressure is on! Desperate to get out of his predicament, and with time running out, Michael learns that solving this murder is no easy task.This is mystery writing at its best The characters are all intriguing Suzanne Adair kept me on edge, never fully believing or disbelieving any of the suspects Michael Stoddard was everything any reader would want in a hero, handsome, talented, decent, intelligent, and most of all really unlucky! Misfortune seems to find him and makes his tasks challenging And of course, there is a wonderful love interest by the name of Kate Duncan which adds plenty of drama to the suspense There is a ripe picking of villains too!Suzanne has worked hard in her research to really bring this era alive in her story An excellent author with a creative muse that promisesgreat mysteries If you love a great murder mystery in a fascinating historical setting, I highly recommend you read this novel! This mystery thriller is set in 1781 in North Carolina Michael Stoddard is a lieutenant for the king who has been asked to investigate a questionable land deal in Wilmington, the city he is stationed in He finds traps and a missing man, but is quickly pulled off the case to courier an urgent message inland to Lord Cornwallis He heads for the town of Hillsborough dressed as a civilian to meet his contact, but he arrives on the doorstep just after said contact has been murdered, in time to see the supposed perpetrator disappear into the woods The law in town is a questionable bunch of men, that Stoddard himself suspects the origins of, and they insist on his staying and not only cooperating in the investigation, but doing some of the investigating Michael is in luck that an acquaintance from Wilmington is also in town, and is willing to assist in passing him off as a civilian and giving him shelter As he continues to investigate he finds himselfandsuspicious of the law in town and worried about his own safety and those who have helped him.With a little romance, a lot of suspense, and interesting characters galore, this is a mystery that will keep you glued to the page I liked the main character of Michael who comes off as an upright member of society, with a slightly secretive past back in England The widow Kate Duncan is an intelligent business woman who had an unhappy marriage and may be interested in Michael Her aunt Rachel is another intelligent business woman who has tried to hide her trials from her family, but recognizes when it is time to be forthright The young man Noah, who everyone has dismissed an an idiot because of his deafness is a gem of a character with hidden depths Definitely interested in readingWondering how Michael will fare when the English retreat from the United States. Overall: 5 starsPlot/Storyline: 5 starsRegulated for Murder is historical fiction, taking place in North Carolina during the last months of the American Revolution It was also a suspenseful actionfilled murder mystery Author Suzanne Adair has written a superb story set against a realistic backdrop of revolution and the complexities of wavering colonial loyalties.The book's title is based on the Regulator Movement, which was a North Carolina uprising, lasting from approximately 1765 to 1771, in which citizens took up arms against corrupt colonial officials Although the last battle in the uprising had taken place ten years before this story, the fallout was still being felt in the colony.When Lieutenant Michael Stoddard was sent with a message to Lord Cornwallis, he hardly expected to find his Loyalist contact Ezra Griggs murdered, even less to find himself suspected of the murder Instead of a quick return to the comforts of garrison life in Wilmington, he found himself investigating the murder There were plenty of possible suspects, but his time was running out, and if the locals learned that he was from the British army, he would be executed as a spy Regulated for Murder had all the elements of a marvelous historical drama, and the author wove the fictional elements into the historical background perfectly.Characters: 5 starsThe story was filled with memorable characters British officer Michael Stoddard was a decent man dedicated to investigating civil crimes and bringing the perpetrators to justice He admired the saucy widow Kate Duncan, but she feigned disinterest until their paths crossed in a most unexpected way Would she keep his secret and save his life, or would she turn him over to the rebels?There was no shortage of bad guys The sheriff and deputy of Hillsborough, where most of the story took place, were as evil as they came When a murder took place in his town, the sheriff was farinterested in using it to his own advantage than he was in bringing the killer to justice.Two of the most influential characters, Aaron White and Violet Griggs, were never seen or heard, but their stories had a profound influence on the story The British redcoats were, I believe, represented in an historically accurate way Some were brutal warriors who gave no quarter, while others were decent types just trying to do their duty while maintaining their honor Writing style: 5 starsThe writing was professional quality Dialogues were realistic The book impressed me as being a finelycrafted story by an author who cared about her work very much The story obviously required quite a bit of research about the American Revolution and what life was like for colonials in that era At the end of the book were an historical afterword, which gave some helpful background information on some of the events and places mentioned in the story; and a selected bibliography.Note: Although certain characters in Regulated for Murder have appeared in other stories by the author, the book can be read as a standalone volume. Regulated for Murder by Suzanne AdairIn 1781 the Carolinas are awash in deadly political intrigue as Lord Cornwallis’ army attempts to occupy the land and tamp out support for the revolution, now in its sixth year In the small town of Hillsborough there’s an uneasy truce between the royalists and the colonialists with average townspeople caught in the middle and doing their best to survive.Into this tumult and turmoil one day rides Lt Michael Stoddard of the 82nd Regiment, serving under Major Craig in Wilmington, North Carolina He’s traveling undercover, carrying a vital dispatch for Lord Cornwallis’ eyes only However, no sooner does Michael arrive in Hillsborough than he discovers, and is in turn discovered with, the body of Ezra Griggs, a loyalist with whom he was to meet First accused of Griggs’ murder by Schmidt, the shady sheriff of the county, Michael is subsequently impressed into helping Schmidt solve the murder Fearing exposure and execution as a spy, Michael puts his prodigious talents as a criminal investigator to work on the case Ah, but compounding Michael’s concerns is the presence of comely Wilmington widow Kate Duncan, newly arrived in Hillsborough visiting an elderly aunt Kate and Michael have a romantic spark growing between them that neither can ignore even as the murder investigation takes a deadly and dangerous turn.Regulated for Murder is the first in a series featuring handsome and dashing Lt Michael Stoddard, a supporting character in Ms Adair’s three previous novels Here Lt Stoddard takes center stage, surrounded by a strong secondary cast that includes the tantalizing and beguiling Widow Kate, his trusted assistant Nick Spry and that very villainous of villains, Lt Dunstan Fairfax.Suzanne Adair tells a good story, well paced and buttressed with a wealth of historic detail that brings the reader back in time two hundred plus years, to an age when simply surviving took hard work, life was precarious and perils abounded and yet people were driven by the same emotions that drive us today in the twentyfirst century; ambition, greed, love, hatred, lust and sometimes just pure wickedness.