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Held my interest Kinsey was a sick, twisted man Pedophilia was ok Coercing people into sexual acts ok, especially if it s your wife or one of your employees or their wives. Very interesting biography of a man unafraid to be different who became obsessed with his life work Also a very good summary of his work and the reason it was so significant for the time. A really long book but fascinating from an anthropological standpoint I saw the movie and was dying to know how much of it was true and what was creative license Sounds like it was an interesting family to be a part of. This was a biography of Alfred Kinsey, the sex scientist of the 40 s and 50 s We had seen a movie of his life recently My husband,Mike, thought he was a pervert I was sympathetic His own homosexuality and view of sexuality probably skewed the results of his work. interesting subject matter makes up for poorly written text Right up there with Oscar Wilde s bio, and also serves as a fascinating portrait of postwar America. Really interesting read The author occasionally complains about how wrong other authors have gotten Kinsey, and falls on the sympathetic side of balanced. &DOWNLOAD E-PUB ✓ Kinsey: Sex The Measure Of All Things ⇬ a sympathetic, insightful and highly readable story Gathorne Hardy shows us a very human and fallible but ultimately likable Kinsey, impatient and irritable at times, stubborn, willful, certainly a monomaniac about his research interests, whether gall wasps or human sexuality New York Times Book Review revises the revisionism and presents Kinsey in an altogetherfavorable light a humane and indefatigable sex educator, as well as an unfairly maligned martyr of American priggishness SalonGathorne Hardy s literate, major biography of Kinsey is the first to give a balanced portrait of one of this century s pioneering researchers and social reformers The author interviewed in depth surviving family members, close colleagues, friends, and lovers In this subtle, often witty, penetrating book, he reveals not just a series of new revelations, but whole new aspects of this complex, difficult, contradictory, heroic, obsessive, and ultimately sympathetic man.