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[[ Read Book ]] ⚝ Beyond a Joke: The Secrets and Scandals of the Dark Side of Comedy ⚸ Comedians are not normal If they were normal they wouldn t want to go onstage and make thousands of strangers laugh every night Beyond a Jokeis the story of lives lived to excess of alcohol, drugs, sex and running marathons Beyond a Jokeis a celebration of comedy one of the modern world s most dominant and compelling art forms but it is also the story of comedy s dark side, homing in on the scandals that have surrounded some of light entertainment s biggest stars, and telling it as it is, featuring insight from one who was there at the time While Beyond a Jokeexplores the extremes of this world it also addresses another question Are comedians naturally dysfunctional, or does the stress and pressure of the job make them dysfunctional Ruby Wax once told the author that she had builders in her house who were just as emotionally unstable as most stand up comedians she had worked with But they don t want to go on stage and plead with an audience to love them Bruce Dessau is the only person who could write this book From Russell Brand slashing his chest onstage to Jo Brand trashing a friend s car on the motorway, he has heard it all Bruce Dessau knows where the bodies are buried I really enjoyed this book, it starts right at the beginning of stand up and works its way to modern day, giving us insights into the struggles faced by so many stand up comedians I did think there were a few guys missing, only mention in passing of Bill Hicks, but it kept me interested from start to finish The author seems to have a real hard on for Russell Brand but the early chapters on the roots of stand up are great.3.5 5 Really rather good but lacking in not really talking about either Spike Milligan or Bill Hicks, the first a manic depressive and the second someone who got in very deep with drugs The latter chapters talking about modern stand ups made them come across as lacking in depth which I doubt is true for all except Michael McIntyre, Mr Tissue Thin of the 21st Century At any rate, it s the quickest I ve read a book in recent times, so it can t be all bad.