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[[ Free E-pub ]] ↮ Don't Tell My Husband (step mom and stepson dirty sex stories secrets) taboo ✑ Johnny, I need to talk to you about something, I said, trying to get the words right in my head Ok Mom, he replied, full of attention I saw the movie you shot of me in the garden last night, and was shocked by the contents, I said, trying to gauge his response You didn t was all he could say Yes, and although it seemed erotic, you know it was wrong don t you You thought it was erotic he said Well, perhaps erotic was the wrong word, but I think you know what I m saying here Johnny What were you thinking I replied When I saw you in that bathing costume I realized for the first time in my life just how sexy you really are You ve got an incredible figure for a thirty six year old, and the truth is it excited me to see you like that I m sorry if it offended you, I realize that it was wrong and I ll delete that footage straight away, he said, obviously feeling guilty about it all You don t have to delete it, just don t let anyone else ever see it, I replied, wondering why I was being so lenient with him, the truth is it was quite erotic to me I think I saw a sparkle in his eyes as I said that, as if ideas had just popped into his head Can I ask you a question Step Mom Of course you can Johnny, I replied If I d been honest about it all would you have let me film you the way I did That s a hard question to answerbut provided no one ever got to see that film, I dare say I wouldn t have minded so much I think it was the way you did it that shocked me, I replied Ok, fair enough I m asking you now, would you mind if I made an erotic movie with you I d like to film you wearing something erotic, and see where it goes Now I d done it, I d just finished telling him that I wouldn t have minded, so if I said no now it would mean I was lying It was then that I remembered watching his movie and something inside was telling me to go for it Ok, I ll allow this on one condition, What s that I get to see whatever is on that camera and if I think it s too provocative I decide whether or not to delete it, fair enough DoneI ll go and get my camera, he replied Whatyou want to do it now I said Why not, there s no time like the present, he replied, and off he went What the hell have I got myself into, I thought as I got up from the tableI had to admit I was tingling all over with anticipation I think the thought of not knowing what might happen was an exquisite tease, and the I thought about it the naughtier my thoughts becameI went to the bedroom and looked through my clothes, I was looking for something sexy and thinking if he wants erotic lets give it to him In hindsight I think I believed that nothing bad could come of this, and that filming his mother would just be an erotic memory in the future There it is, I thought, my wrap around short skirt It was a skirt my husband used to love, especially when I didn t wear any panties That wasn t about to happen here though Instead I opted for my red thong, which barely covered me Well, what the hell if he wants erotic this should work out, I thought I then took out a buttoned up blouse and quickly got dressed