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|Kindle ☤ The Network - You Have (1) New Message ⚆ Buried deep within the heart of the Internet, a shadow is growing The world within the computer screen hides the desires that the real world cannot abide The dark, invisible, cancerous needs of a disillusioned generation, a nest of debauched personalities who know that even decadence has died And that shadow is growing, and it starting to leak The Network The real world and the online world dance around each other in a macabre ballet of warped history and misplaced time, merging together as reality and unreality combine And those that have sought refuge within the shadow slowly begin to eke their way back into our world Set against the background of real world events in , scenes that changed the world we live in forever, that shadow grows One anonymous assassin must travel the world, destroying those desires that live deep within the Network and preventing them from becoming real, challenging even the darkness that dwells within her own tortured soulEverything else famine, hunger, war, death, destruction, pain, suffering they can all wait, because right now You Have One New Message