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Such a nice friendship book two little girls are in dance class together and a special dance is coming up one is super excited and the other is very shy and sad Mia helps her friend to feel comfortable in her dance and as a good friend helps her practice until she feel good about her dance Such good friendship and compassion. Cute easy read about children working together to get better and something they aren t totally confident at This one has some largerger,difficult words and didn t seem to hold her attention as well I had to finish the last few pages for her. Mia s friend Anna is nervous about her solo in the upcoming Daisy Dance Can Mia help her so the dance goes well for everyone ( Free ) ♪ Mia and the Daisy Dance ☧ Mia and her ballet friends are back in another charming I Can Read story perfect for fans of Tallulah books and aspiring ballerinas everywhereMia s dance class is putting on their first show The dancers will perform their own special parts, and Mia can t wait to practice The dance is going to be perfect But when Mia s friend Anna leaves class early without learning her part, Mia begins to worry Will Anna be able to dance at the show Together Mia and Anna learn that sometimes it s not about the end result, but the fun of learning with a friendMia and the Daisy Dance is a My First I Can Read book, which means it s perfect for shared reading with a child