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`FREE DOWNLOAD ↛ Transgression (Melancholy Wings) ☉ Are we slaves to our fate or can we make choices in our lives What if our choices are wrong and bring us harm What if the choices we think we make are not ours at all After keeping a low profile for years and carefully scheming, the demons of the Pandemonium are now openly attacking again in the Underworld, and they ve begun their rampage with one of the sectors allied to Utopia A brutal war has begun Adelais is concerned about the direction his friend Malakai had chosen Being on opposing sides could easily and permanently ruin their friendship In a meantime, Malakai continues to make plans behind the scenes and constantly questioning the trust of others Aurora is starting to get accustomed to the Underworld, but at the same time she realises and that following Malakai s lead would only get her badly hurt and that she needs to take matters into her own handsA rise of conflict brings casualties and destruction New conquests are made and with them new allegiances, whilst some individuals are left behind and forgotten Where is it all going to lead Is it just another mindless war that will come and go, taking with it good individuals and separating them from those they care about Transgression is the nd book in the Melancholy Wings trilogy