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~DOWNLOAD PDF ♕ Storage Implementation in Vsphere 5.0 ⚇ THE ONLY AUTHORITATIVE, COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO VSPHERE STORAGE IMPLEMENTATION AND MANAGEMENT Effective VMware virtualization storage planning and management has become crucial but it can be extremely complex Now, the leading VMware expert on storage completely demystifies the black box of vSphere storage and provides illustrated, step by step procedures for performing every key task associated with it You ll gain the deep understanding you need to make better storage decisions, solve problems, and keep problems from occurring in the first place Mostafa Khalil presents techniques based on years of personal experience helping customers troubleshoot storage in their vSphere production environments With experience than anyone else in the field, he combines expert guidelines, insights for better architectural design, best practices for both planning and management, common configuration details, and deep dives into both vSphere and third party storage Storage Implementation in vSphere Rfully explains each storage connectivity choice and protocol supported by VMware, introduces Pluggable Storage Architecture PSA , and shows how to build on PSA with multipathing, failover, and ALUA It thoroughly introduces Storage Virtualization Devices SVDs and VMDirectPath I O, and shows how to drive powerful improvements in performance, flexibility, and manageability with VMFSand VAAI COVERAGE INCLUDESUnderstanding how FC, FCoE, and iSCSI interact with VMware vSphere Implementing specific VMware capabilities on storage hardware from each leading vendorAvoiding, recognizing, and fixing misconfigurations and other problemsUsing third party MPIO plug ins certified with vSphereand PSAMaximizing availability through multipathing and failoverImplementing fixed and round robin multipathing on arrays with ALUA supportMonitoring and optimizing virtual storage performanceManaging vSphere compatible file systems VMFS and NFSTaking full advantage of VMDirectPath I OImplementing heterogeneous storage configurationsPresenting abstracted storage through virtual disks and Raw Device Mappings RDMs Using VMFSto simplify management and improve scalability in large scale environmentsSharing storage and migrating easily across multiple VMware vSphere instancesOptimizing storage performance with VAAI compliant devices Mostafa Khalil, Senior Staff Engineer with VMware Global Support Services, specializes in storage integration for virtual environments He has worked for VMware foryears and supported all VMware virtualization products since Workstation for Linuxbeta Khalil has worked on most enterprise storage vendors solutions and received engineering level training for many of them He has presented at every VMworld, and at VMware Partner Exchange, VMware User Group, and USENIX ISBN ISBN