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This book covers Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, and Islamic mysticism, and is a decent guide if you re unfamiliar with the subject That being said, if you already know a few things about mystical practice, this is at worst a refresher and at best a way to learn some new details I was not impressed by the introduction or end of the book, but I did learn a few things I didn t know before Recommended. &FREE BOOK ⇲ Mysticism: A Guide for the Perplexed ☂ Mysticism is one of the most enduring and fascinating aspects of religious life, and one of the most difficult to unpick It has, over the centuries, inspired many of the leading figures in different faiths to seek a sense of union with God or with the spiritual forces in the universe, and is increasingly part of the spiritual mainstream Designed for students grappling with this complicated area, this book enables readers to understand the nature of mysticism, and to examine in detail the traditional methods used by mystics in seeking an intimate understanding of the spiritual world Including a detailed survey of mystical trends within all the main world religions, and case studies of the lives of important mystics, Mysticism A Guide for the Perplexed also examines the nature of the mystical lifestyle, and the extent to which ordinary people can develop a sense of personal mysticism