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mp3 Simenon creates another perfect little diamond. An unusual Maigret, almost a three hander between Maigret and a husband and wife who each, unasked, come to talk to him, almost to plant the thought that they are in danger from the actions of the other And their is the wife business partner, and the husbands sister in law in the mix too But how can a possible future crime be investigated And then, inevitably, there is a death to investigate.A gem.The GR blurb When a salesman from a Paris department store confides his secret fears to Maigret, the Inspector soon becomes caught up in a treacherous feud between husband and wife that is not as clear cut as it seems.While at this time the previous day he had never heard of the Martons, the train set specialist was beginning to haunt his thoughts, and so was the elegant young woman who, he admitted, had boldly stood up to him when he had done everything he could to unsettle her A unique teller of tales Observer One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century Simenon was unequalled at making us look inside, though the ability was masked by his brilliance at absorbing us obsessively in his stories Guardian Simenon wrote so many Maigret stories that, inevitably, he had to try and invent unusual characters and situations Alas, this particular plot stretches credibility in a way I found deeply irritating When are French police forces so underworked that they can spend time investigating crimes that haven t yet happened This is yet another of Simenon s claustrophobic tales of married hell Gis le Marton is bored with her husband Xavier, France s leading specialist in toy trains, and prefers the company of her married lover Maurice On the other hand, Xavier has fallen for his widowed sister in law Jenny Instead of getting a divorce, he goes to see Maigret and tries to convince the famous detective that his wife is about to kill him Then he tries to kill her himself, but since he doesn t liaise with Jenny, the poison ends up in his cup and he is the one to die Poppycock This is an unusual story instead of the usual discovery of a crime, Maigret starts to investigate a crime which is about to happen Maigret s office is going through a slow period calme plat Paris is grey and rainy, Simenon evokes a feeling of general discontent and rumination Into this comes Xavier Marton He says that his wife is going to kill him Then an unsolicited visit from Mme Marton, who denies having any intention of killing her husband Maigret has no jurisdiction over crimes that haven t happened yet, but something about the couple disturbs him, as it did me.There are some wonderful moments in this book M et Mme Maigret s trip to the cinema was so vividly described, their relationship as heart warming as ever For me cosy crime never gets cosier than a Maigret and reading it in French helps me to keep practising the language. Un Maigret originale, in cui si arriva fin quasi al finale senza il morto, ma solo con una morte preannunciata un uomo si presentato al Quai des Orfevres per esprimere al commissario i suoi timori di essere vittima prossima di un omicidio da parte della moglie lo stesso giorno anche la moglie dell uomo si presenta in commissariato ad esternare a Maigret i suoi dubbi su un esaurimento nervoso del marito Comincia in questo modo un racconto originale, in cui il commissario si arrovella su questioni psichiatriche uno dei due mente, uno dei due vittima di nevrosi, o forse lo sono ambedue Maigret, incerto se considerare il tutto come un caso inesistente ma al contempo tormentato da dubbi su anche un minimo di fondatezza dei racconti dei due coniugi, comincia una vera e propria analisi psicologica dei protagonisti della storia, con l ausilio del suo amico dottor Pardon e di libri di psicologia che trova in commissariato, fino a convincersi che nessuno studio scritto paragonabile a quanto si impara con l esperienza, unica, che deriva dallo studio diretto delle persone, delle parole e dei gesti con cui si porgono, che sono un po come una carta di identit non scritta E cos , abbandonando i libri e versandosi un bicchierino di distillato di prugnole che la cognata alsaziana gli manda sapendolo ghiotto, il commissario alla fine risolve anche questo rompicapo, svelando ancora una volta il lato pi meschino dell essere umano. Una storia inconsueta per il commissario Maigret le sue indagini, i suoi dubbi, iniziano prima che avvenga il delitto Si affida persino ai libri di psichiatria per raccapezzarsi in quella situazione anomala che lo tormenta e lo riempie di scrupoli Il finale gli svela, invece, una realt terribilmente normale.Come al solito Simenon ci racconta, con arte, una storia fatta di impressioni, di sensazioni, di sospetti, di atmosfere rarefatte nel freddo parigino dove le azioni sono quasi rallentate Mi ha piacevolmente intrigato sin dal primo momento . I enjoy reading the Maigret mystery series by Georges Simenon Maigret Has Scruples is the 52nd book in the series I haven t read the series in order, as I ve found books available for sale, but it doesn t seem to be necessary to read them in sequence.Maigret has Scruples is a different sort of case for Inspector Maigret of the Paris police Like most police officers, he s used to working on cases where the crime has already occurred In this story, the possible suspects victims come to visit him before anything has happened.First is Xavier Marton, a married man who works in a Paris department store as the toy department manager and is a model train enthusiast He indicates that he thinks his wife might be trying to murder him and that he has been to a psychiatrist to prove he isn t mad Later the same day, Marton s wife, Gisele, visits Maigret as well, partly to ascertain what her husband went to see Maigret for and also to express her concerns about her husband.Maigret is somewhat at a loss what to do Is it a case he should investigate He asks his boss and also the Public Prosecutor and that leaves him undecided In the end he has some of his inspectors keep a tab on the two to try to provide info on their lives and anything else that might be useful The wife is a successful businesswoman who works in a lingerie shop Living with the family is Gisele s sister So there you have it, all the clues necessary for you to solve the case Got it yet It s a short story, as are most of the Maigret mysteries Maigret is a crusty, grumpy police inspector We always have tidbits about his family life with Mme Maigret, always understanding and clearly the love of his life, even if he isn t the most expressive man He uses his detectives well, in this story we have Janvier and Lapointe playing the main roles It s an interesting story and moves along nicely to the climax I think the ending was somewhat pat but still satisfying enough It s always an enjoyable series 3.5 stars `FREE PDF ↭ Les scrupules de Maigret ↽ Qui dit la v rit Le nomm Marton, personnage inquiet et fragile, convaincu que sa femme veut l empoisonner petit feu Ou la froide Gis le Marton, qui affirme avec un l ger m pris que son mari est neurasth nique L un et l autre en tout cas sont assez tranges pour veiller la curiosit et le flair de Maigret Lequel d couvrira sans trop de peine l amant de Gis le Marton, et les tendres sentiments qui unissent Xavier Marton sa belle soeur Pas de quoi d ranger un commissaire Quand il y aura bel et bien un mort, ce sera diff rent Nous d couvrons ici le h ros de Georges Simenon plong dans des trait s sur les psychoses et les n vroses Il n y apprendra gu re que ce qu il savait d j nous sommes tous, notre fa on, un peu d rang s.