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I read this story when I was a teenager and it was the first one by Mr Ellison that pissed me off I adore it now, but at the time I was really mad about the ending Ah, youthful hope and enthusiasim, it s a funny thing. I can t say I enjoyed a single one of these stories Shame. Ellison could almost be described as SF noir A consistently good collection of clever SF stories and slightly maudlin tales of loneliness. Night Vigil and Last Night of a Good Woman are my two faves from this collection. |DOWNLOAD ♫ The Time of the Eye ⚆ Here is a collection of dark and wonderful stories by one of the most explosive talents in science fiction today He has won Hugo and Nebular awards the most coveted trophies of the SF world than just about any other writer, and, reading these tales of conflict, alienation and future fantasy, it is easy to see whyContents Are You Listening Try a Dull Knife In Lonely Lands Eyes of Dust Nothing for my Noon Meal O Ye of Little Faith The Time of the Eye Life Hutch The Very Last Day of a Good Woman Night Vigil Lonelyache Pennies, Off a Dead Man s Eyes