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I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first half of the book 4 stars for the reading Minus one star for my unresolved questions at the end Such a sad situation for the British soldiers in Boston I enjoyed reading about the turmoil in Boston and as people try to pick their sides during a time when they were still loyalists Revolution was not yet being called out on the streets But, there was a hunger for liberty in Boston **Spoiler alter**The second half the book had issues I wish were explained better Why was it okay for John Adams to defend the soldiers because that was the right thing to do, but not for Rachel, his children's nanny, to bring food to the soldiers There was nothing morally wrong with her actions, it was all above reproach And yet, John Adams let her go because of it That was not adequately resolved in the book Rachel just takes it as the way things must be And that is cause for dismissal?There was never a true resolution to Matthew's character Was he really what Rachel believed? John Adams accused him (to Rachel) of stealing a woman's coat) and other unseeming things Was Rachel too in love to see that, or was that gossip and prejudice against the British I never felt that was resolved in the story.Why did Rachel leave behind her payment for all of your years of service? Her payment for her years of service was her dowry and the silver coins She leaves both of those behind as a message to the Adams' family about her integrity? Does leaving most of your earthly possessions behind denote integrity? To me it denotes lunaty Rachel's last words are “anyone who needed an explanation about what I’ve done, wouldn’t understand” I obviously am the one who doesn't understand She is going out into the world, penniless, where life is not too kind on teenage girls, to an uncertain place, leaving her savings for what? To make a point Her friends in the story understood why, but they didn't bother explaining it adequately to me And if Rachel really wanted to stay with the Adams's, why didn't she say so, not just acquiesce Content: Clean but for mild language (darns, hecks, gosh, etc.) Story of the Boston Massacre through the eyes of Rachel Marsh, who is a servant working for John and Abigail Adams It's definitely a book geared for a younger readernot a lot of meat to it but a good story I thought she brought up some good points about liberty and what it means to be an American We don't need anyone..including the government, to do for us We can do for ourselves It seems that many in our country have lost that attitude which makes this book a good one for young adults to readthey can be reminded of the value of independence! I thought the afterward wasinteresting than the book She tells of how she decided to write the book and how she found Rachel Marsh. DNF I love Ann Rinaldi; but this particular novel revolves around an extremely problematic romance (guy claims girl 'owes' him affection, girl feels guilty for setting boundaries), and I just don't feel like putting up with that kind of nonsense right now. Waffling between 2.5 and 3 stars It did have one quote that seemed quite Deep to me: I don't know what this liberty thing is all about, Rachel None of us do, yet I pray that if we ever achieve it, we will know how to control it And not let it control us. 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I thought it could have ended better but oh well. One of the marks of a really good book for me is when it inspires me to doreading on the subject matter on my own This young adult telling of a young indentured girls growth in knowledge and selfunderstanding did that for me I come in part from Loyalist ancestors and when I visited Boston the first time and saw the marker for the Boston Massacre I didn't believe it was a massacre at all This book didn't change my opinion on that but I found it to be a wellresearched and wellbalanced look at both sides of what happened and gave me a better understanding of the various issues involved. So, this was one of my favorite books when I was younger and when I recently cleaned out my bookshelves I decided I wanted to read it again It was definitely worth reading again too.Now that I'm older I understandof what the book is about; that it's not just about a servant girl who had a friendship with a British solder And that Rachel asked questions that we all should ask, that myself at 20 am still asking myself.This is a beautifully written piece of historical fiction that can be enjoyed by all ages. Rinaldi is a brilliant and creative storytellerthe two stars aren't a reflection of the author, just this story Maybe 'historical' 'fiction' isn't my cup o tea I found the protagonist to be completely unbelievable! Her choices, her actions were soooo 21st century, and, I couldn't reconcile that with the time period the story is set Rinaldi states that the catalyst for this story was the riots in L A in 1992 maybe her story should have just been written with that as the setting instead of extrapolating characters from one century with an event several centuries in the past. This was my first book by: Ann Rinaldi, so besides the reference to other books by the author, I agree with this review written by Hannah: Not my favorite book by this author Her stories normally have a happier ending and/orredeeming qualities and fewer suggestive scenes Enjoyed the perspective and history This author always does a great job making it personal and this book was no exception Disappointed with the cursing and rebellion It was a little heavy on woman's independence/rights and seemed out of place for that time period.