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I like the story idea and thought the pacing was great, but I didn t enjoy the illustrations as I usually do with Adele Marie Crouch s books My almost 2 year old wasn t a big fan either, alas, and we ve tried with this book several times on our Kindle app Can t comment on the French translation as my French isn t advanced enough to attest to its correctness, but it seemed right Perhaps useful as a language learning tool, but definitely not a well written story. A lovely story for little kids My 5 year old enjoyed it Nicely illustrated too. .READ DOWNLOAD ⚖ The Dance of the Caterpillars ♷ While watching her Chinese immigrant son in law learn the English language, it became apparent to the author that prepositions are one of the most difficult concepts to comprehend Therefore, The Dance of The Caterpillars was written as a fun way to teach prepositions This exciting children s book contains twenty two prepositions, one two word multiple, and two three word multiples It is destined to become a valuable learning tool for children as well as English as a second language students You will find English, traditional Korean characters and Korean transliterations There is also a vocabulary list in the back of the book for your continued study