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I completed about half the bookrecommend looking at the notes vocab grammar sections before reading Otherwise you spend a good chunk of time looking these up. ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ♡ Modern Korean: An Intermediate Reader ⚕ Modern Korean breaks new ground in the field of Korean studies by providing students at last with an intermediate level language text The volume emphasizes the development of reading proficiency, but the exercises reinforce skills learned through conversation practice They use a communicative approach emphasizing student student and student teacher interactions in real life scenariosTwenty four lessons are divided into two groups of twelve lessons each A single lesson consists of a main text, written in expository or descriptive prose that often incorporates a conversational style a dialogue a discussion of new word usage and structural patterns substitution and grammar drills exercises and a vocabulary list The second half of the book introduces Chinese characters found in each lessonModern Korean may be used for classroom instruction or self study Main text topics cover a wide range of subjects including Korean history, geography, holidays, literature, customs, and people, allowing students to develop a better understanding of Korean society and culture while improving their language skills