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Nice basic intro to dowsing The reality and the myth to water divining. I learned to dowse because of my association with Fountain International in the 1990 s Hamish Miller was one of their guiding lights This book is a primer for anyone interested in dowsing Highly recommended. Fairly good introduction to dowsing, I met Hamish a few times and felt he wasarticulate via conversation than in the book but it is still a good buy if you are considering giving it a go. .EBOOK ⚇ Dowsing: A Journey Beyond Our Five Senses ♷ Dowsing is an art used for millennia to find water, minerals and metals, and today employed by builders, plumbers, and electricians the world over Although it remains one of the most widely used paranormal skills, little is understood about it Dowsing tells the story of this ancient science and its principles, offering instructions for making dowsing instruments, locating water, and dowsing your home