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I read this after The Great Scot Devil and enjoyed each and every minute I love how Maggie is a hellfire with everyone but finds herself attracted to the enemy the Englishman and actually wanting to be in his future Very well written and I love the dynamic among all the characters 5 Star review I can t wait to readby Starla I love Starla Kaye s books and this one is no different I love the historical setting and the fiery scottish lass for a heroine who is just full of sass and wont back down from a fight All characters in the book were good and well defined and made you want to find out what happens next. I m a fan of Starla Kaye, and found this book to be up to her usual high standards It was a fun book, and portrayed the time period and language very well I look forward toof Starla s work in the future. .READ EBOOK ♸ Maggie Mine ☪ Maggie s hatred for the English is fierce Their king took her father, older brothers, and betrothed away to fight in a foolish battle in the Crusades As if what the English king has done isn t already bad enough, a small English army attacks her home in the highlands Grimly determined, she and the remaining members of her clan fight them off and save Urquhart But she is weary of battling and longs for the return of her loved ones Instead another group of English soldiers arrive and deliver a complicated message that turns her life forever upside downNicholas Neville, Lord of Middleham, is leading his men home from Tunis Battle weary and saddened at the loss of so many friends, he wishes he had never followed his king to the Crusades He wants nothing than to make their way home to England Yet he must stop at Urquhart and deliver the news that the Durwood chieftain, his sons, and his daughter s betrothed died in the battle As if that isn t difficult enough, he must also inform Maggie Durwood that she is now his ward and must come with himBefore he can even deliver his messages, Maggie attempts to keep him and his men from her castle She dares to shoot him in the leg with her arrow, foolishly risking the outraged retaliation of his soldiers From that moment on, he knows the two of them will butt heads She will not dissuade him from his duty of dragging her all the way to England and of finding her a new betrothed His has not survived the Crusade to be brought down by a strong willed Scottish lass