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excellent as are all of Tess Gerritsen books. &Pdf ☠ Never Say Die / Call After Midnight ↾ NEVER SAY DIE Willy Jane Maitland travelled to Saigon to find out what had happened to her father, reported missing in action twenty years ago Instead, she found intrigue and murder Only the rumpled and irreverent ex soldier Guy Barnard seemed willing to help herBut as Jane was about to discover, even Guy had his hidden motives, his shocking secrets and Vietnam was a dangerous place to fall in loveLL AFTER MIDNIGHTA ringing phone awakens newly wed Sarah Fontaine instead of her husband calling from London, it s Nick O Hara from the US State Department Geoffrey Fontaine, her husband of two months, has died in a hotel fire in BerlinConvinced her husband is still alive, Sarah forces Nick to help her and soon the pair are criss crossing Europe searching for Geoffrey and risking everything for answers that may prove fatalFrom the bestselling author of Under the Knife comes a riveting, intense tale of old secrets and betrayal