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Gah! I really like this. Jin for the win! I can’t wait for the next volummme 😆 I like Aki’s tattoos/ stigmas on his skin 😍 i don't think volume 36really needs a 5 star but a 3 or 4 star, but i'll be kind and gave it all a 5 'cuz it so hard to write a manga of that genre without screwing up and Ms Shouoto did really good on most of it but i thought around this time that Kana Takachiho and Aki Kirito relationship ( and at times Jin Shiranui) was a bit unhealthy at times expectedly Kanachan's relationship with Aki and Eriya pairing in volume 7 ( read future update i do, please keep in mind that i'm doing a review on something i had read months ago, but just didn't get the chance to update my status before) i mean she almost DIED like 8 or 9 times because of something Akisan , Eriyakun,or Shiranuikun had caused! i mean like the time she and two other girls from her school got kidnap because Shirakun did before when he went berserk which was cause by Akisan OR Kana chan's first ( almost) death which resulted in Kanachan being his thrall! wtf! or the many others i'm too lazy to write about 'cuz i got a habit of not caring to continue a review when i do type/ write one! btw i love the art and everything else in the series so no hate but these unhealthy relationships in the Shojo demographic needs to stop! at times i let it go but this time was a bit to far. ps the uniforms are cool in this manga and the inking toooo!!!!!!! This review originally appeared on my blog, Books without Any Pictures:’s My Only Vampire Volume 4 features a major action sequence Two angels attack Aki, feeling as if it is their duty to rid the world of a pureblood vampire But Aki isn’t alone in this fight Being Aki’s thrall gives her magical girl powers, and she’s finally learning how to use them.After a dramatic fight, we jump back to school (naturally) It’s time for the school play, featuring our heroes (and some crossdressing).I am in love with this series He’s My Only Vampire is just what I was looking for–romance, creatures of the night, adventure, and humor I love seeing Aki and Kana deepen their relationship, and am so curious to see if Aki will be able to collect all of the Stigmas I want to learn what happened to his little brother I want to learnabout what happened when they were kids to leave Kana so traumatized I am totally immersed in this world, and that’s exactly what a good series should do. I agree with some other reviews that this series is a little hard to follow compared to his others I still like the main trio, and I think the vampire lore is interesting I also like the school club hijinks I like the addition of the new vampire girl who doesn’t want to kill, so pretends to be sick in order to get blood through an IV. I feel like I am flying through these!The angels are targeting Aki wanting to rid the world of his pure vampire blood But when the sword seemingly shatters, they end the fight for now.I want to knowabout what being Thrall means for Kana since she developed some magical abilities I just want to knowabout this world and the character's relationships I really enjoyed the play and the cross dressing and the plot involving the other stigma I wish we knewabout the stigma's and about Aki's brother I can't wait to binge the rest of the series once school slows down. |Download ♄ 純血+彼氏 4 ⚖ Best E Book, 純血+彼氏 4 By Aya Shouoto This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book 純血+彼氏 4, essay by Aya Shouoto Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you I can't put my finger on why, but this was the point where I completely lost interest in the series. Chapter 14 Nicaca DuelChapter 15 A Kiss for a Poisonous PrincessChapter 16 The Phantom Beneath the TheaterChapter 17 Immoral ~3.5/5I will admit I’m having a harder time following and enjoying this series than Shouoto’s others being released It’s darker, which I don’t mind, but I think I’m not connecting as much to the characters or the storyline, and I’m not remembering it as well And we’ve met so many new characters in the last couple volumes who I don’t really care about… I don’t know what exactly it is.I’m intrigued by the bond between Kana and Aki, and what powers she’s starting to have I like the confidence she has with her power and her position with Aki I also like that Aki has to bite her and the romantic feelings forming there.After the angels introduction completes, there’s a school play that Kana and Aki get thrown into, then Aki works on collecting a new stigma.I’m just not feeling this series, even if I really want to I might give it a pause before coming back to it.[Readat my blog, Geeky Reading!]