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I have read almost all of this author s books and have enjoyed them all so far I hope that the author will eventually return to this story line, perhaps a few years later after the end of this book It will be interesting to see if there are Hammers out there, or if someone attempts to bring back the Hammer government. I really enjoyed the first three books in this series Unfortunately this book feels rushed There are a large number of thing that happen off camera This device may have been necessary to move past items that may not have been of interest to the reader, but they leave sections of the book feeling like an outline than a finished story. Not sure why Graham Sharp Paul decided to self publish this a note on his blog makes it seem as if his publisher s didn t want to pick up the book No idea why the whole Helfort s War series was excellent and this book was no exception Even book 4, probably the worst in the series, was still pretty good it just went in a completely different direction than I think most people expected This book concludes the series and actually does a decent job of wrapping things up Overall, the feel of the series goes from ST TNG to gritty space opera to depressingly gritty infantry fiction and then to a somewhat surreal War of the Worlds desolate feeling by the end, it still all feels well done The most jarring transition is in book 4, but the reasons behind it are all logical and felt well thought out This book is definitely not the BEST in the series, but not the worst, either It was a relatively solid ending to a good series. I was glad to get to the conclusion of the Helfort s War series It isn t the best series and it s definitely far from the worst If it suffers from any major flaws it s that the whole story is way too dependent on the main character It s the personal vendetta by a multi planet system against him that proves to be the key to undoing the entire government with otherwise very intelligent villains doing stupid things for revenge There s good action though, good pacing, and decent characters. not great but finishes story lines well. The conclusion of the Helfort s war series While I can say I enjoyed the story arc, and the books individually, it definitely had fizzled by the end Both the series and this individual book had a strong start, but ended with just too many cliches, too much deus ex machina, and just generally dragged on But hey, it still held my interest enough Basically, space opera. Enjoyed the book but wasn t the best of the series The main character here was a little inconsistent and did not engage me as much as in previous books. *Free E-pub ⇨ The Final Battle (Helforts War, #5) ↡ Cowed into appeasement by the threat to destroy their home planets with antimatter warheads, the Federated Worlds are a spent force Only a ragtag rebel army stands between the Hammer of Kraa and total victory The consequences of that triumph are too terrible to contemplate Thousands of worlds will be subjugated, millions murdered, and billions enslaved by an empire spanning hundreds of light years, an empire fuelled by blood, an empire built on the bones of its enemies.The rebels need help without it, they too face annihilation And their time is running out, fast.Michael Helfort s mission is simple persuade the reluctant Feds to give the rebels the support they need to defeat the Hammer of Kraa And, with the future of all of humanspace at stake, he cannot fail But when Michael is betrayed by those he trusts most. Kind of a let down Michael turned into quite the Mary Sue, the setup for the book was kind of pants on head and most importantly, a distinct lack of spaceships in my spaceship book. Enjoyable series This I felt was the weakest but it did tie everything up nicely Odd that what started as space opera ended as ground and pound military SciFi.