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`Read E-pub Ð The Other Door (Free Ebook) Æ The Other DoorThis is a story about Ayu a young Indonesian girl She accidentally burns down her entire neighborhood in the narrow ally of Jakarta Her parents send her to a relative in Vietnam to avoid the angry mob In Vietnam she lives with her father s old friend That uncle the way she addresses him lives a very modest life, but one day that uncle asks Ayu to give up her eyes Horrified by that uncle s request, Ayu run away from his house She tries to live on her own, and life seems to get better for a while, until somebody accusses her of being a thief Now she is a fugitive hiding in a small room Her room has direct access to the bathroom, but in that bathroom there s another door linked to someone s room, and another story has begun A touching story about a misfortunate girl who gets rewarded for having a good soul Events are lively described and are very easy to imagine, so reading the book is like watching a short movie.Quite intriguing, this other door Enjoy your reading. It is truly a wonderful book that will make you cry and laugh I m now hooked and waiting for Kanti s next book with anticipation. AWESOME book it s really touching n makes you excited about the circumstances that happen to the character in the story..on a scale from 1 to 10 i d give it 1000