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!DOWNLOAD PDF ⚖ Bayou Butcher ♪ Haunting memories of an imperfect childhood shadow Agent Jeri Forbes, a unit leader in the FBI s prestigious Special Serial Crimes Division, as she stalks the man responsible for slaughtering families along a sleepy Louisiana bayou Jeri soon learns that the man her team hunts is the puppet of a much insidious serial killer intent on a personal quest to destroy Jeri s life and that of her lost love, Ethan BarnesFollow this fast paced thriller through the swamps of the Louisiana low country as Jeri and her team match wits against a brilliant master of destruction and his all too willing prot g I liked this one better than The Littles, maybe because it was a bitdeveloped Character development was good, story was fast paced, some of it was a bit unbelievable, but that could just be me, I tend to like a well researched story, where this one is clearly made up Still and all, a goodread It was a good buy on my kindle thru Bookbub and I will look fornow. Jeri and Ethan try to catch Howard Anson, a psychotic serial killer, in Louisianna s Bayou But in fact, this second book of the trilogy seems to be going the other way around Anson, with the help of an accomplice, is the one chasing Ethan Barnes and the beautiful Jeri Forbes in and around the Bayou.Cannot reveal too much without spoiling the ending, but I can say that Tallulah Grace has found the way to make you read all three books Purchased this book from a kindle bargain book website and liked itthan I thought I would Story was well developed You come to know who the killers are early on in the story, but the read is fast paced and motives become clearer and clearer as you make your way through the book I will consider reading another Tallulah Grace book in the future. A fast paced suspense novel I found it a bit on the gory side but a good plot and characters were very intriguing I would readof this author. This book takes place in a fictional parish on Bayou Teche St Margaret Parish sounds like it is located about where St Mary Parish is This is Cajun country and the characters should NOT have southern accents like the waitress in the diner.Just silly. Great a page turner You will enjoy itif you read her book Casanova killer first as characters insight Part of a series Best read in order Re read in May, 2017 Very dark, very violent Interpol agent and his former lover, an FBI agent chase a serial killer bent on vengeance against them both. Have been loving this series Light enough for a quick read butthan enough thrills to keep you turning pages well into the night Can t wait to see how it ends Only complaint I m now back tracking to read the Timeless Trilogy books so I get to know all of the other characters that are returning in the last book, Anson Now I have to wait just a little longer to see how things wrap up NOT VERY EXCITING, KINDA SLOW MOVING NOT A BAD READ BUT I EXPECTED IT TO BE MORE I WISH IT HAD ENDED DIFFERENTLY, THAT WAS DISSAPOINTING.