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!READ PDF ☸ Southern Mystical Moments ☲ “Southern Mystical Moments” is written by Patricia Graham amp; Verna Humphrey An anthology of Southern myths and beliefs that ends the book with a short story based on Voodoo, which is called MAGIC UNDER THE WILLOW TREE Welcome to the world of Boojums, Clurichauns, and Whispering Willows Read about maneating monsters, witches, and mysterious lights that cannot be explained by the scientific community We dare you to enter into this mystical realm, that is, if you are brave enough In 'Southern Mystical Moments', Patricia Graham uses several short tales to familialize us with the unusual inhabitants of the deep south.The 'boojum',something akin to sasquatch, an owl that brings tidings of an unpleasant end to a loveLy day, and an encounter with a river monster can send a tingle down your spine.These short stories do a fine job of retelling the lore of the areas, as I compared them with tales shared by story tellers in the Ozarks where I was raised.I enjoyed the 'regional language' used by speakers, rather than the homogenous English we are expected to use today, it presents a flavor of the strong independent mountain people in these tales.The book ends with a novella, Magic Under the Willow Tree written by Verna C Humphrey weaves a tale of the inherent magic of the willow tree, accepted from time immemorial and a touch of Voodoo to bring about a reincarnated love.I plan to share this book with my grandkids and greatgrandkids so they will not lose the rich legacy of things unseen that abounds among the mountain people, both here and in the Great Smoky Mountains.I want to thank the authors for bringing them to life. (Not read in paperback, but in ebook.) Amateurish writing that clogs the stories, which are themselves all right, but not that interesting (mostly because there are better ones out there). This book is so dear to me It's everything a native Southerner lovesmagic, mystery and good stories.