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!Read Kindle ⚣ Disability ⚸ For most of the twentieth century, people with disabilities have been regarded as victims of their condition and a burden on society More recently, however, disabled people and their organizations across Europe and North America have challenged conventional explanations for their individual and collective disadvantage, calling for policy measures to change the image and status of disabled people in the Western world In this new book, Barnes and Mercer provide a concise and accessible introduction to the concept of disability Drawing on a burgeoning disability studies literature from around the world, and from a range of disciplinary perspectives, the authors explore the evolution of this concept and offer a wide ranging critique of established academic, policy and professional orthodoxies The book highlights disabled peoples exclusion and marginalization in key areas of social activity and participation across different historical and cultural contexts, such as family life and reproduction, education, employment, leisure, cultural imagery and politics The analysis concentrates on disability as a distinctive form of social oppression similar to that experienced by women, minority ethnic and racial groups, and lesbians and gay men Key issues addressed include theorizing disability historical and comparative perspectives experiencing impairment and disability professional and policy intervention in the lives of disabled people disability politics, social policy and citizenship and disability culture This will be essential reading for those studying sociology, social policy, social work, health studies, disability studies, and those in the therapy and nursing professions Very brief overview of some of the main themes in disability studies. This is a lotthan a textbook Part of Polity s Key Concept series, it offers a good overview of histories, policies, politics and debates It is a fine introduction to the field, but also has some depth and a strong bibliography. A great introduction to disability theory for someone that doesn t know where to start and wants to learnThis is one of the very first books I ever read about disability rights issues and it helped to pique my curiosity to go much deeper into the topic I m so glad that it did