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@FREE EBOOK ¾ Experience Building the Rotarymek-10x Rubber Band Machine Gun Ì This Is The Definitive Guide Book For Building The RotaryMek X Rubber Band Machine Gun, One Of The World S Most Advanced Rubber Band Gun Designs To See A Video Demonstration Of The Gun And A Preview Of The Book, Look On The Web For A Video Of The Same Title Building The RotaryMek X Is A Complex, Time Consuming Woodworking Project Although Successful Completion Of This Project Does Not Require Particularly Sophisticated Woodworking Techniques, The Builder Will Need To Have Access To And Be Able To Skillfully Use A Number Of Different Tools, Including A Drill Press, Band Saw, And Computer Based Scanner And Printer The End Result Of This Project Is A Rubber Band Gun Unlike Any Other, A Truly Fully Automatic, Rapid Firing, Rubber Band Machine Gun In A Manner Analogous To A Real Machine Gun, The Mechanism Of The RotaryMek X Is Driven By Energy Derived From The Same Source As That Which Propels The Projectiles The Elastic Potential Energy Of The Stretched Rubber Band Ammunition Loaded Onto The Gun There S No Crank, No Motor Just A Trigger And A Can Of Whoop Ass If Properly Constructed From High Quality Materials, The RotaryMek X Can Be Loaded With As Many As Seventy SizeRubber Bands At One Time The Gun Develops An Extremely High Rate Of Fire Think Of A Minigun , But It Also Has A Responsive Trigger System, Allowing An Operator To Choose Between Firing Many Short Bursts Or Just Letting Rip Fire Hose Style Please Note That This Project Calls For The Use Of US Standard Dimensional Lumber As Well As Two Different Sizes Of US Standard PVC Plumbing Pipe Prospective Builders Outside The United States Might First Want To Check The Availability Of The Needed Materials Before Committing To The Project