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( Download Epub ) Í BAGGED AND BOARDED: Life On Planet Geek ⚟ Once upon a time, there was a comic shop full of geeks who fought valiantly against hordes of zombified shoppers, fast food, late shifts, deliveries, other geeks, life in retail, crippling boredom, frustration and apathyOh, and some life here and there, tooFor nine years, one heroic geek stood alongside them like a balding, sarcastic growth Then he wrote a book about itThis bookGGED AND BOARDED Life on Planet Geek is one man s attempt to put the best part of a decade spent working in a busy comic shop into some sort of sense There s your change and your receipt Thank you Call again Available in paperback and for the Kindle It was hard to read at times, between the British English and his endless rattling on about a topic I have to admit I did laughthen once, having worked in the comic industry, and openly consider myself a geek I will not rush to read any of his other works, but willlikely then not share this book with family and friends who will understand I will warn them about the editing issues, spelling errors, proof reading and formatting.