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Great book, interesting plot, well written Kept me turning pages This author should go far Good balance between humor and drama. [[ FREE EBOOK ]] ☊ House of Illusion ☠ Three young women work at Madame Theraux s luxurious brothel in Paris ofJeanne Marie, a young, widowed French peasant with a child to support, serves caviar and champaign at Madame Theraux s soirees Dianne Gautier, a wealthy English heiress in disguise, has her own twisted reasons for working at Madame Theraux s Maggie MacNeil, from a sordid background in New York s Hell s Kitchen, runs away to Paris only to find she must sell her body at this establishment to support herself Set amidst the impending Prussian invasion and blockade of Paris followed by the conservative French faction s ruthless slaughter of Parisians the lives and loves of these three women are chronicled in this wonderful tale of lust, war, courage, and love Velda Johnston is one of the leading lights of the mystery field The Los Angeles Times Velda Johnston invariably snags my interest both in plot and characterization so that I m hooked all the way to the end Chicago Tribune Johnston, a veteran suspense writer, displays complete control of her craft Publishers Weekly on THE SHADOW BEHIND THE CURTAIN One of the best writers of this genre Johnston manages to build suspense and romance to a chilling chase and climax Library Journal on THE FRENCHMAN