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Traitors and adventureFirst let me say I enjoy reading the gray spear books they are very hard to put down and just a overall great adventure This books is about a gray spear member that has become a traitor and the methods that are used to bring them to justice Love and loyalty are the themes. |Book ♶ Deadly Weakness ☨ Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for BUJTRGADLY WEAKNESS is the fifth book in the Gray Spear Society series which began with APOCALYPSE CULT The Gray Spear Society is under attack by an unknown threat The team in Miami was overrun, and the team in San Francisco was completely destroyed The assaults were executed with military precision and devastating swiftness A traitor inside the Society is providing the enemy with critical intelligence Aaron must discover the traitor and stop the attacks before another team is lost To pull it off, he ll need a plan clever enough to fool his own people Everybody is a pawn in this game