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[[ DOWNLOAD E-PUB ]] ☛ Is It Power or Hate ⇤ Hate and war have a long history in human society The questions are why and how did this come about In this book, the main reason for crisis, conflict, and war is demonstrated and explained Author Essam Abozid examines and compares world history with what is happening in the world today He clearly describes why hate is created and perpetuated and how leaders and governments are involved with discriimination and hostilityBy probing these issues and discovering the answers, this book offers great insight for the readernd out about an Empire that contributed so much to human society, That has not been yet recognized as an EmpireThe solution for the Israeli Palestinian conflicte author also provides a solution to how we can overcome these problems to make life secure and peaceful with a world that is free from war, discrimination, and injustic