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@Read Book ⚸ Twist (Rebecca Ashley Series, #1) â Deception Blackmail Murder The Art World.Rebecca Ashley Becca dreams in color, mostly acrylic It s current day San Francisco In spite of all the odds, divorce, eviction and mounting money problems, Becca is determined to finish school Shortly after Becca has temporarily moved into her Professor Sophie Anne s art studio her Professor is murdered Becca discovers that no one is who they claim and nothing is as it seems.Propelled into the underworld of art and artifact smuggling Becca has to decide who to trust Two of Sophie Anne s business partners, a charming Brit, Clark Wright, and swashbuckling Belizian, Antoine Palacio reveal Sophie Anne s murder is tied to a blackmailer who expects a large randsome from the sale of a mysterious French artifact When the three fail to relinquish his fee the blackmailer murders Sophie Anne in hopes it will scare the other two thieves into giving up the money.Now Antoine and Clark are running scared Only problem is Sophie Anne was the only one who knew where the object is hidden Now Becca must find the artifact and decide who to trust or suffer Sophie Anne s fate. I purchased this book because the author said her protagonists are anti heroes Flawed characters can be much interesting than cookie cutter good guys, so I was intrigued.Indeed, the characters in this book are flawed Unfortunately, so is the book It s not only riddled with misspellings and errors in both punctuation and grammar, but there are also some glaring errors in the plot itself.Still The story is intriguing A genuine diamond in the rough And I get it Lots of books currently on the market are in need of strenuous editing, but not everyone notices the errors or cares about them For those readers, story is the most important factor, and to tell the truth, sometimes I wish my internal editor would shut up and just let me enjoy a book without noticing every single nit picking mistake.BUT this book is also a cliffhanger, and those of you who ve read my reviews in the past know how I feel about cliffhangers And not JUST a cliffhanger it ends with the word The Really I emailed the author, thinking perhaps it was just a formatting issue, and that for some reason, the e version I d purchased was missing its final chapter, but she never responded So I dunno I can t say that I have EVER read a book that didn t even end with a complete sentence I m perplexed If I hear back from the author, and she informs me that the ending was, indeed, missing, and she provides me with a real ending, I will happily update this review.As for now I ll give it 2 1 2 stars, rounded up to three. Adrienne writes well and has a great eye for setting the scene in her books The reader truly feels transported to the scenes in the book In this particular book Adrienne delves into her deep well of knowledge regarding the modern art scene and international art dealing Check it out You ll be glad you did