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This is a well written and well researched book that keeps you turning pages the whole way through Rowe has provided a wonderful novel that will entertain and inform you Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin are vivid characters and Rowe gives us a special glimpse into the what if s of America s founders Great read, highly recommended [[ Kindle ]] ↠ Tempus Fugit: A Novel ☠ At a time in United States history when corruption is rampant and the public flounders in search of solutions, Tempus Fugit is highly relevant Entertaining, educational and frequently troubling, it is a tribute to America s greatness and an unflinching expose of its dark underbellyWashington, Franklin and Jefferson face difficult dilemmas as they confront modern America Is the isolationism they advocated plausible in a nuclear era Can the limited government they envisioned still secure the blessings of liberty Are principles they once considered timeless now obsolete Our forefathers responses are perspicacious, counterintuitive, and deceptively simple Their actions contrast the patriotic beliefs of yesterday and today, forcing readers to question their most dearly held beliefs After reading Tempus Fugit, you will view our founders and our republic in a different light