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[[ Read Pdf ]] ⚶ Tied in Knots ⚽ Victoria Carson has lived under gorgeous CEO Dominic Nox s dominant reign for a full year They have a true dominant submissive relationship All of her friends have tied the knot, but Dom hasn t even said the three words she longs to hearTired of his incomprehensible attitude, Vicki takes the reins into her own hands, but is Dom too dominant to relinquish control Will he realize the full extent of his feelings or will Vicki have to let go She s simply tied in knots This is the follow up to tied to the boss, I like that Victoria know what she wanted and went after it I like that she wouldn t let won t give in to Dom and let him run over top of her I like that she stood on her own two feet even when he said she would never work in that town again I love a book with a fight of wills.Again a well written book, the only disappointment you will have is that it is way to short. Very short, but a pretty good read.