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@Read Book í If You Only Knew æ Bookin the Lovestruck series World renowned artist and successful New York City gallery art owner Stella Jennings has everything she could ever want, but she feels like life is passing her by Because of her crazy work schedule, she doesn t have time to date or even have a fling She s bored and stuck in a rut with no way out But then one cold February night, she meets an eccentric and straight forward thinking woman who s than willing to show her a good time without any promisesKristi Welch has finally kicked her faithless fianc to the curb Her life is about to become even complicated because he s also part owner of her popular tattoo shop and refuses to let her buy him out Her ex girlfriend, the rich Manhattan socialite Veronica Hardwicke, also wants her back in her bed and she won t take no for an answer Kristi needs a break from life in general, but after meeting Stella and engaging in some kinky sexual activity one night in her office, she s willing to take what Stella s offeringBoth women are looking for thrills, but on their own terms As both develop strong feelings for one another, the dark secrets Kristi has kept hidden for so long emerge because of Veronica s jealousy Now Kristi has to decide how much she s willing to reveal to Stella, knowing their relationship could be ruined forever She could end up losing everything, including her hearttp ravenousromance lesbian if Enjoyed itI must say I enjoyed reading this book and if you can get passed the editing I m sure you would like it to The main characters were engaging and I loved the chemistry between them. If you only knew an erotic story of two women who could not bedifferent The characters are sympathetic, but for my taste, a littleaction next to the sex, the story would have done well. Couldn t put it down As always another must read by KT Grant