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Kids liked itthan I did Towards the end I started skipping entire paragraphs of descriptions and useless sentences They didn t notice. Jack Jones is a young man who finds himself inheriting a curse that involves pirates wanting to kill him The characters are well written and the action is pretty constant This is a good book for preteens to teens If I had to say one thing about this book that could be improved, I d say it d be nice to have some illustrations to go along with the characters. Jack, a modern day boy, discovers that he is the tenth generation descendant of an infamous pirate believed to have robbed his shipmates Due to a curse, the shipmates haunt all descendants of this pirate, including Jack, who must break the curse Daniel rates this, Pretty good, but we both agree that it wasn t a life changer. I don t think this was bad, just not necessarily great It could be that my son just didn t like it, or maybe he just wasn t ready for it He s read other chapter books, but this was a new author for him He got through it fairly quickly and I thought there were some fun scenes, but his complaint was There s not enough action So, perhaps we ll try this one again when he s older. Good fun I love a good pirate yarn Drives my boys nuts when I get into character and talk pirate talk Cracks me up This was pretty good Maybe a smidge on the scary side for my 7 and 4 year old boys The language is mildy salty there are some mentions of a bite on the butt and one of the pirates is Hellfire Drake. Jack Jones was a fast and entertaining read and will be enjoyed by children in 3 5 grades There is plenty of suspense and a satisfying finish. Drew loves pirates This is a great book If I had to guess it is about a fifth grade reading level, but I really don t know I read it to Drew each night for two weeks and he loved it I liked that this was a contained story I am so tired of series I didn t feel as if there was enough detail in this story I thought the idea of the story was interesting I liked it enough to finish reading and I might check outby this author She has a good imagination, however, she seems to me to have a difficult time expressing it I did like that the parents were involved I m not sure I like how they were portrayed but still at least they are present. `DOWNLOAD PDF ⇩ Jack Jones and the Pirate Curse ↬ A swashbuckling adventure full of sword fights, sea shanties, and persistent pirate Jack Jones is a very ordinary boy until the day his great uncle passes away and he inherits a terrible, horrible pirate curse from, the famed pirate Blackstrap Morgan, his great great many times great grandfather Chased by a merciless band of pirates who can temporarily take over the bodies of anyone close to Jack his teacher, his friends, and even his parents he must find the courage to confront the curse and outsmart the pirates or spend the rest of his life running An edge of your seat thriller, this book is full of adventuresome pirates and hilarious escapades