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|Download ♆ How It All Began ☣ How It All Began is Female Led Domestic Discipline Romantic Novella It is a story about a young couple finding each other through the gift of loving domestic discipline and is written by a real life DD couple the female half of which posed for the cover photo with her well used brush The story tells of twenty two year old David, who has been dropped by his college and now works in his father s store He doesn t want to be there and his frustration and bad manners makes the customers feel the same way However, not all of them are prepared to put up with it, and when three female teachers decide to take his attitude, and his dyslexia, under their wing, than good behavior and college success develops One of the teachers, the youngest, is secretly in love with him All she has to do now, is make him notice her even if she has to spank her way to his heart Note although there is plenty of spanking, we hope you will enjoy this as a proper love story, as well as something meaningful and authentic from the F M domestic discipline genre