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Very brief story that impressed me with a cute storyline Was it erotic Yes Was it romantic A little, especially near the end Was it cute Check yeah Nicely done Emma. Fun and sexy short readFun role playing game the couple shared Nice lead in as wasn t aware they were married to each other right away Entertaining to read for a quick break. Recommended for 18 A hot, spicy short story Pretty much gets to the point right away and has a short epilogue at the end. Gave it a 5 A very short read but great story especially the ending The whole story was good I ll remember to not speedmaybe LOL This a hot little read with a cute, if predictable reading If you are looking for a fiery five minute read, this is a perfect distraction. It was a cute book, I know almost from the beginning how it would end Not one of her best books but it was a nice read Quick erotic romance story that was ok good This hot little read was cute as hell, well written, and had a twist at the end that put a smile on my face I would definitely readfrom this author.Tory `EBOOK ☠ In His Custody ⇬ Cassandra enjoys a night of racing out into the countryside breaking a few laws until someone ruins her fun a hot muscular someone She takes it in stride loving nothing than a man in uniform until he asks her to get out of the carEnjoy this emotional roller coaster of naughtiness and don t stop until you reach the end of the ride Trust me on thisExcerpt His scowl did not move as he opened her door Step out of the car, ma am Obeying him, she got out carefully, making sure her hands were in his line of sight She shrunk a little to be nonthreatening, and bit her lip as she looked up at him Face your car, palms on the hood, feet spread He put a firm hand on her back as she turned Do you have anything on you that could stick me No, sir She tried to turn but his hand prevented her Are you going to what s the word uh, frisk me, officer He finally smiled, but it was of a predator s smile than a reassuring one Pat you down to make sure you don t have anything that you shouldn t He turned her back around again Alright, um, just please keep it professional Other books by Emma Rider The Tied Series Read as standalone or in orderTied to the Boss Vicki Dom Set to Be Tied Jess Raymond Wickedly Tied Michelle Raphael Tied in Knots Vicki Dom s HEA Tied to Him Vicki Dom s story bundle Tied Down Katrina Cristoff Tied Together Tied Series Collection