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[[ Free E-pub ]] ↡ To Catch Is Not To Hold: A Ross Duncan Novel (Ross Duncan Series, #4) ⇕ Chicago and New York City shortly after the end of prohibition and during the time of the Public EnemyRoss Duncan is in jail at the start of his trial he expects it will be life imprisonment but probably execution After a daring daylight crash out from the jail, helped by his young girlfriend, Delilah and her sister, Duncan is returned to Chicago There he learns the price of his freedom is one bank job for the Chicago OutfitThe bank robbery is pulled off but a bystander is murdered inside the bank, seemingly for no reason by one of the New York killers Duncan and his partners are ambushed moments after splitting up with the New Yorkers They shoot their way out of the ambush and go into hiding, with Delilah at the wheel of the getaway vehicle They discover that the stolen bank cash is all counterfeit, but the Chicago Outfit leaders Tony Accardo and Gino Torresi disavow the ambush and the counterfeit money They find later that they ve been hadDuncan learns that the bystander was killed by the same caliber bullet, a, as the beautiful hostess he once shared a brief connection with A grieving Accardo hints at a clandestine relationship with the same murdered woman To protect his partners and set things right, Duncan goes into sleuth mode and begins to learn about the murdered man and woman, finding that they shared a connection with organized crime in New York and an event that occurred during the Castellammarese mob warDuncan and Delilah head to New York City to look for answers They stay at the Waldorf Astoria as the guests of Charlie Lucky Luciano What follows is a trail of family tragedies and murders to prevent anyone speaking to Duncan He has a sit down with Lucky and Albert Anastasia in the famous King Cole Bar at the St Regis Hotel Duncan escapes kidnap and an attempt on his life but has to kill again He survives, but it is an empty feeling, with little satisfaction that he is left withAnother outstanding noir thriller with a protagonist that draws empathy despite his violent crime spree in the lawless s Christopher Bartley has done his research well as this fourth book, with the others in the series, tells the unflinching and vivid story of America through much of the twentieth century