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|Free Epub ♃ A Very British Jihad: Collusion, Conspiracy & Cover-Up in Northern Ireland ♌ In April , the Stevens Report provided the first official acknowledgement of collusion between loyalist armed groups and British security forces in the murders of nationalists in Northern Ireland Yet, as this book demonstrates, such collusion and associated conspiracies have been a central feature of the British response to the conflict in Ireland for than thirty years That response, argues Paul Larkin, amounts to a Holy War, or Jihad, in the name of Protestantism and the British monarchy That war has been swathed in secrecy and denial, protected by notions of national security that pervade every corner of the legal system and the political establishment a very British JihadInvestigative journalist Paul Larkin made his first film for Spotlight BBC Northern Ireland s current affairs programme in FebruaryIt was about the solicitor Pat Finucane, murdered by loyalists operating with the assistance of British military intelligence There began a trail that first led Larkin to the diary of British agent and UDA intelligence officer Brian Nelson What Nelson s diary revealed was that British military intelligence and covert units, including the Force Research Unit and th Intelligence, were intimately involved with loyalist armed groups These groups had been equipped with armaments sourced in South Africa and smuggled into Northern Ireland with the full knowledge of MI Paul Larkin made many films for Spotlight over the next seven years, examining among other things controversial killings, the burgeoning illicit drugs trade, the role of informers and agents, thelinks between soldiers, police officers and loyalist gunmen, RUC cover ups and the notorious Portadown based ratpack led by king rat Billy Wright He went on to produce a special investigation into the Dublin Monaghan bombings for RT The research for these films was the raw material for this book Building on his earlier investigations, Larkin presents a detailed and revealing account of many aspects of Britain s dirty war He provides a unique insight into the political pressures exerted on journalists who dare to investigate the unsavoury relationships between the intelligence agencies, politicians, the police, the British Army and loyalism