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The 70s in a nutshell with the emphasis on nut There s no one quite like Noddy A straightforward narration of the story of Slade, one of the original, and best, of the 70 s glam rock craze Noddy relates the story of the band, but with very little of his personal life or views It s fun, especially if you know the big music names of the 60 s 80 s. The memoirs of Noddy Holder, frontman of British rock band Slade Unfortunately a lot of things are made up had to read this good book Beware, massive ego on the loose You would not expect it to be great literature but what great fun and very informative about the struggles to make it and the struggles to maintain the glory of a rock band, warts and all.I thoroughly enjoyed it. `Download Pdf ☉ Noddy Holder: Who's Crazee Now? ⇚ As lead singer and frontman of Slade, Noddy Holder was one of the most successful musicians of the s and s He tells his life story, from growing up in the Midlands to all the excesses of glam rock, and is currently busy carving out a new career for himself in the TV sitcom, The Grimleys